This year is shaping up to be the year of remakes in the gaming world. Through some dubiousness though, we have found that some of the most exciting titles being remade, such as Final Fantasy VII, are not actually remakes but remasters of the original game. I for one, still own my original PlayStation FFVII Discs and will not be spending money for a slightly updated graphics version. I want a full blown remake of this game with full HD graphics. I guess this isn’t happening to the dismay of many Final Fantasy fans, but in the same vein, I would like to bring up some other titles that I would love to see remade (not remastered).

1. The Sierra “Quest” Series (PC/Apple)

Sierra was one of the biggest names in gaming back in the late 80’s early 90’s and I had all their games for my Apple IIgs. Above all of their Quest series, my favorites were Quest for Glory and Space Quest. Sierra’s games were fun, challenging, intelligent, and definitely worthy of a remake today! Other notable games were King’s Quest, Police Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry. (I was “too young” to be playing Larry but my parents let me anyway, even gave me the answers to the trivia question you needed to answer to prove your age) Quest for Glory 5 debuting in 1998 was one of Sierra’s first and last attempts into a more 3D gaming environment. The results weren’t bad with a lot of features that rival today’s large Adventure style RPG’s such as importing previous characters with their skillsets, kind of like loading a world state in Dragon Age from their keep.

2. Dream Zone (PC/Apple IIGS/Atari)


This was one of the first RPG games I ever played, this and Bard’s Tale. They were both non-animated games where you moved from still scene to scene. This game sticks out in my memories because you take the form of a kid trapped in his own dream, who finds himself in an alternate universe. It was quite creative and the artwork was great for being still scenes. It would be great to play this game in full 3D Glory! The game features a dream world full of nightmarish characters, pig and lizard men, magic, an airship, and a floating castle. It’s gameplay style is similar to Myst, except almost 10 years older in the graphics department. That’s why almost 30 years later, I say we need a remake!

3. Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Sega/SNES)


I absolutely loved this game when I was a kid. I remember the day, in vivid detail, when my dad took me to the local video game exchange store. We picked up a used copy (Yes, used, they weren’t so fancy as to call them “pre-owned” back in the early 90’s). We ponied up to the counter with the 4 big TV’s set up with consoles to try the games out before you buy and I instantly loved the game. From Zeke wearing his 3D shades to the fact that you used Holy Water in a squirt gun to kill Zombies and rescue your dumb neighbors, and even the Giant Baby boss, this game was great.

4. Mario Paint (SNES)


Few games were really as impressive to the 7 year old me as Mario Paint. Coming packaged with a mouse to use on your gaming system, allowing you to doodle, create music, animate a scene, plus an assortment of mini-games, what else could a kid want? Well for one thing a way to export and share your work, now is an excellent time for a remake of this game, given that sharing video gameplay has never been easier. No longer do you have to painstakingly recreate Michael Jackson’s Thriller using geese, mushrooms, and goombas, only to find out your Nintendo wasn’t plugged into the VCR to record.

5. ToeJam and Earl (Sega)


Sure ToeJam & Earl did have a sequel for the Sega, many people may not be aware there was a ToeJam & Earl 3 released for the original Xbox in 2002. The game was received poorly overall as fun, but forgettable fun. I’d love to see the original sega game remade. I don’t think we’ve seen the true potential of this story. Who doesn’t want to be a pair of hip-hop loving aliens, searching for pieces of their crashed ship on a strange and unforgiving weird planet full of outrageous enemies? Plus, I always loved finding the presents laying around that gave you flying shoes, or super speed.

6. Street of Rage(Sega)


This side-scrolling beat ‘em up game has been around since 1991, and while it has been ported to the Wii’s virtual console and iOS app store, its graphics and gameplay are still from 1991. There is a rich story here that could use some updating and new graphics gameplay. I remember playing hours of this with my cousins on their Sega Master system. I am a big proponent of bringing back local multiplayer to games. I haven’t bought a new FPS since the Nintendo 64 solely because there is no local multiplayer. If Streets of Rage were re-released as single player only I would not consider buying it.

7. Uniracers (SNES)


Uniracers was one of those games that I wouldn’t have looked at twice when I was kid. Fortunately for me, my neighbors did, and we used to play multiplayer all the time. Again, I think it’s about time that major gaming companies brought back local multiplayer games. This was not just a game about racing around a unicycle but also performing stunts. Uniracers is a game that could definitely have a remake that expands on the original game while also bringing updated aesthetics in their graphics.

Just for fun, I would love to see this game retake their puzzle game glory.

Lemmings (PC/Sega/SNES)


Yes LEMMINGS, so popular was the game that there have been several sequels, remakes and spin-offs of this game, however we haven’t seen anything come out of this series since 2000’s Lemming Revolution. I spent many hours playing this game, even when games with much better graphics came out, I could always fall back on the fun of this puzzle game.

On a side note, I was going to include BattleToads, until I learned that a remake is possibly on the way. Microsoft recently filed a trademark for Battletoads, so we will see what happens.

What games would you like to see remade? Leave a comment below with the game and why you think the game deserves a remake (who knows maybe it’s already in the works).